Offline web and andLinux (not a typo)


I was reading a post on LifeHacker called Take the web offline, in which they discuss Webaroo. I was looking for a program just like this and never found it. While in Afghanistan, we’d constantly lose internet access and if we did have it, it would be slower than dial-up (much slower). Webaroo would have really helped, I sent some of my friends the link to it.

Also cool is andLinux. I forgot where I saw this app but I just got around to installing it. It allows you to run Windows and Linux applications side by side (in Windows). That’s awesome, I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully now I can use amaroK to play my music. I used Linux exclusively for a few years on my computers and there’s still some apps that are linux only that I really like.

Something went wrong initially when I installed andLinux. I rebooted but when I logged in, andLinux wouldn’t start. I ignored it for a while until I tried to start up iTunes. iTunes couldn’t start due to an “audio configuration” problem. Weird. I knew it was andLinux because I hadn’t installed anything else today so I uninstalled andLinux. I rebooted again, re-installed andLinux, and re-installed the “QuickTime only” version of QuickTime and it appears everything is working great together!

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