Portfolio Update (Sells)


I recently sold EWM (iShares MSCI Malaysia Index), BEAS (BEA Systems Inc), and DGG (WisdomTree International Communications).

EWM: As the 1 year chart shows, EWM has kind of stabilized, its not going anywhere. I’ve had it for over a year, its made me some money but I see no reason to keep it.

BEAS: You see this stock jumped when Oracle put in a bid to buy it (which was rejected) in October last year. Oracle re-bid and its jumped, its made me 35% which is something I’ll definitely take. Yes, it could go higher but probably not much higher and there’s also the risk of the bid not going through.

DGG: This stock was a slow performer, I made over 5% but it really wasn’t going anywhere. Honestly, I expected a lot more (maybe 12%) but it hasn’t performed.

Those are my sells. I was considering selling HAL (Halliburton Company) and BP, which have both been roller-coaster like but I realized I’m getting nice dividends from them so I’ll keep them for now. Long-term I don’t see them crashing, so it’s a good vaule.

I’m doing some follow-up research this week on stocks that have been on my watchlist for 30 – 90 days. I actually wrote out commentary for them but decided not to publish them right now. I’ll publish after I’ve bought them :)

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