SPC12 Presentations & Videos (for attendees)


Who has time to go to sessions at the SharePoint Conference? Not me, that’s for sure. Like last year, I kept a look out on a way to download all those presentations and videos. Here are a few options:

Option 1: @givenscj provided a really nice way to get both, PowerPoint Presentations and Videos. Read up on how to do it on his blog at http://blogs.architectingconnectedsystems.com/blogs/cjg/archive/2012/11/19/Download-all-SPC12-PowerPoints-and-Videos-_2D00_-PowerShell-Script.aspx

Option 2: @patricklamber provides another method using one of my favorite tools, Free Download Manager. Read up on this method on his blog at: http://nubo-corp.com/patrick-lamber/2012/11/how-do-we-download-all-spc12-videos-in-a-batch/

One note on this second option, it’s a bit of a manual process. I tried to automate some more pieces of it, so if you’re interested in that code, its located here: http://pastebin.com/060gbLFb

Both options work, I personally tested them. Both options will leave you with not-so-friendly-titles. Patrick Lamber has a fix (I haven’t tested but should work), follow the links to the updates on his blog.

Or, use my script (I created it before I knew Patrick was working on it). I think they both do the same thing, just a little differently. I am using a “sessioncsv.csv” file that has all the sessions and titles (normalized so they don’t have special characters). Then, I do the rename. You can download the csv file and Change-SPC12Filenames.ps1 by clicking on the links.

Session List: Some people just want a session list and then to go watch those on MySPC, or to download specific presentations. That’s the other reason for the CSV file above, it contains the session code, URL code and title of the session.


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