Powering Communities


To my surprise yesterday, I discovered that I was awarded the Microsoft Community Contributor award!


I borrowed the title of this blog post from the MCC program, but “Powering Communities” can mean more. I’ve been less active on TechNet and other online forums (including this blog) recently to focus on offline communities.

You can tell from my previous posts that I was involved in SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles. If anything defines the spirit of cooperation and community, that is it! Our small team worked really hard in the little spare time we had to pull off that event. No one received a bonus or pay check for it. That includes all of the volunteers planning and running the event and the speakers who came to pass on some valuable knowledge – for free.

I’ve also been nurturing a baby SharePoint User Group, with the same idea of free education and sharing knowledge and experiences. Its difficult to find speakers who are willing and available but I think we’ve done pretty good so far. After SPSLA, we’re back on track for monthly meetings!

So, thanks to my partners in crime – Nedra (@nallmond), Kevin (@kevinruess), Melissa (@mlayupan), Jamie (@jaliperti). And thanks to Microsoft for noticing.

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