Configuring SharePoint 2010 Certification Tips

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I just took (and passed) the SharePoint 2010 Configuring exam (70-667) and wanted to share some thoughts for those who will be taking this exam soon.

I used the Microsoft Learning site for this exam as a starting point. It gives an outline of what’s covered. Check it out here. I think everyone’s testing experience is slightly different. One person told me there were a lot of questions related to Search, but for mine, there weren’t. Here’s what I would say you need to look at more strongly:

  • User Solutions (Sandboxed solutions): How they’re used, how to control resources and what can be controlled at the Web App level compared to the Site Collection level.
  • Trace Logging: Not sure why but there were several questions on Trace Logs and Diagnostic Logs in general. Know where to configure this and how to control logging resources.
  • Content Routing: Most of my questions were about content routing, records center, things like that. There are scenarios of user’s trying to move content from one site to another or one web app to another.
  • Anonymous Access: Several questions dealing with anonymous access were discussed including Anonymous Access restriction and troubleshooting anonymous access.

In addition to the above, pay attention to Search (crawler impact rules, search federation, authoritative pages, search managed properties and search service application) and Publishing features.

Some of the resources I used were:

1. The bullets (mostly TechNet Video Links) in the ITPro section of my wiki:

2. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Learn Portal

3. Partner Learning Channel (if your company is a partner), plus Hands On Labs.

4. Reinforce topics in more detail by reading TechNet.

5. Downloaded the Contoso VHD and played around.

Of course, I also use twitter and the blogosphere to find other resources, but the ones listed above are the most geared towards the exams. As a reminder, if you’re in Southern California, you can learn a lot about SharePoint 2010 by attending SharePoint Saturday Los Angeles. This is a FREE, 1-day community driven event.

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