A New Future


During the past year, I’ve worked alongside some of the smartest minds in my entire IT career. Their creativity and ingenuity always surprises me.  I hope my small contributions at the Defense Contract Management Agency bring value and evolve to provide better services to the agency’s users.  While I enjoyed working there very much, it was time for me to move towards a different direction.

I’m very happy to announce that I will be starting a new role at Avanade as a Senior Consultant for SharePoint Products. Working in this capacity will really allow me to apply my knowledge in architecting collaboration solutions for different organizations.

I’m excited to work with others who share my passion for the value SharePoint can deliver to businesses. I’ll continue working with the community (SoCal SharePoint User Group) and perhaps be able to be more involved.

Avanade seems to be a very good place to work and it will allow me to spend much less time on the road. I hope to continue learning from my peers and share the knowledge I gain as well.











For my former colleagues, friends, and other SharePoint enthusiasts, feel free to follow me via my blog or twitter (@wahidsaleemi).



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