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What’s the Twitter equivalent of “Blogosphere?” Anyway, I was browing through and saw a post from @WonderLaura about SharePoint Site SharePoint Site is a White House initiative that enables tax payers to see where the “recovery” money is going. also provides information on federal contracts, grants, and loans; links to job information sites; and links to state Recovery sites. The goal of the website is to provide transparency for economic recovery funds.
It’s great to see such a high profile program using SharePoint. Dean’s List (blog) has some more details as he was involved. You can follow on twitter @RecoveryDotGov
I’ve done many SharePoint deployments for the military, most of them with very simiilar requirements. Will they eventually start merging? Its possible.
Just a few weeks ago, U.S. government’s CIO Vivek Kundra announced, a website that lets government agencies find and buy access to cloud computing tools and services: Website Website

There are many Microsoft Office applications available including SharePoint. However, at this time, I don’t believe SharePoint is a Cloud Computing offering. The site does list both Virtual Machines and Web hosting as “coming soon.”  I expect to see something similar to SharePoint Online offered by Microsoft. That may be years away but its exciting to see the federal government finally leveraging technology to reduce costs.

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