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My friend John Miller saw a podcast he thought I’d be interested in (I was) and sent me the link. This made me think of other podcasts that I listen to. Here’s a list of podcasts that I subscribe to:

The MOSS Show by Hilton Giesenow (6 podcasts)
SharePoint Pod Show by Rob Foster, Nick Swan, and Brett Lonsdale (29 podcasts)
MOSS Gone Wild by Justin Jackson, Todd Kitta (5 podcasts)
Social Media Talk by Mike Ganotti

Also, here’s some other SharePoint podcasts that I found on the interweb:

SharePoint Online Podcast by Erik Gun (1)
SharePoint Start and Learn by Richard Harbridge (1)
SharePoint for Project Management at ThePMPodcast (1)
How uses SharePoint for Business Process Automation with Sarah Haase (1)

If anyone else has more, send me the links! I commute an hour or more to work each day and some of these are great to listen to while I’m driving. They are all informative and great quality.

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