Pretty handbags


On my way runnuning errands with my girlfriend, we saw the Premium Outlets that people are always talking about. It was nice, we stoppedin to Coach – quite impressive. I’ve been thinking about investing inthe company for several weeks now and after seeing the buzz at thestore, I will. You might think people are strapped for cash because ofmany possible reasons – poor economy, paying debt after christmas,etc. You wouldn’t think so at Coach and it gives me some confidence.

Also recently, I was in Indiana interviewing for a consulting job (don’t think I’ll take it) and my friend took me out to Buffalo Wild Wings – also a company I’m considering investing into. BWLD (stock symbol) was great food, it was better than I expected. Too bad you don’t see more of them around.
So you’ve guessed by now that I’m expanding the technology focus of this blog to stocks as well. Why not, right? It’s all learning!
By the way you can check out how poorly my investments are doing at Covester –

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