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I got an email from one of my friends who was telling me about some limitation in SharePoint, specifically with surveys. He ended up creating a InfoPath form but it didn’t seem to be the best way.
The problem was that he needed some questions to be answered but some of the questions needed to solicit more information. For example: “Do you have any pets?” (Yes/No) and a follow up “If yes, please select the type of pet from this drop down.”

The InfoPath form did get him his information but there’s a better way. This can be solved using SharePoint’s built-in survey. I would guess this would be an option while creating the survey questions but its not. First, create the survey with all the questions. To create branching, you go to the Site Settings and select Survey Settings and click on the question you want to branch.

You’ll see the “Branching Logic” heading there, simply select which question each response will branch to.

I also found a non-traditional use for this. Some of the survey I’ve created were lengthy and all the questions would appear on a single page. I used Branching Logic to break up the pages, it works well.

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  • Anonymous Feb 27, 2009

    You can always add a Page Break question…

  • Anonymous Feb 27, 2009

    You can always add a Page Break question…

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