Azure Automation: Sync Runbooks from Visual Studio Team Services

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This is sort of an update or branch off of a blog post by Gary Keong titled: Azure Automation: Integrating Runbook Source Control using Visual Studio Online (July 2014) and includes some of my learnings.

Use Case

We are going to sync some runbooks for the purposes of subscription management. This could include things like setting up alerts, applying permissions, and applying policies to the subscription. I’m going to assume you have a Visual Studio Team Services Account (create one if not).

In this example, I will use two Azure Automation Accounts.

  • The first one will hold the “Sync Runbook.” It simply syncs my Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Git repository to my second Automation Account. We’ll call this the Sync Automation Account.
  • The second one will hold the runbooks that manage the subscription. We’ll call this the Manager Automation Account.

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