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Name: Wahid Saleemi
Location: Greater Los Angeles area

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Chris Ruddell, Iraq RNOSC Chief Watch Officer, ITT Systems

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Saleemi in both Afghanistan as a colleague and Iraq as his supervisor. For the better part of three years Mr Saleemi has been nothing but a consummate professional. His ability to maintain a professional attitude while discussing complex scenarios across varied levels of knowledge has been a true asset to me and the customer. Wahid is a humble, straight shooter and most importantly, he is an incredible engineer that can perform across many disciplines. Wahid is that go to person that will get the job done!” March 2, 2009

Don Wilson, LT, US Navy (colleague)

“Outstanding Enigneer, extremely professional and above all, give him a task and consider it done.” June 2, 2008

Brett Casto, Sharepoint Portal Administrator, USfalcon, Inc (colleague)

“In the year and a half that I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Saleemi, I can without a doubt say that he is one of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working individuals I have met. No matter what the situation, opportunity, or problem, Wahid was able to provide our customers with a timely, cost efficient and effective solution. At USfalcon our motto is “Consider it done!” and Wahid exemplifies that motto with the uymost professionalism and integrity.” January 23, 2008

Michael Wallace, Site Manager, ITT (colleague)

“Wahid is an excellent leader that exhibits the “Commitment to Excellence” all employers hunt for. He is a genuine person from the heart with powerful integrity. Wahid is not only an extremely loyal employee but totally dedicated to his assigned responsibilities. Wahid is technically one of the best in the business. What an honor and delight it was for me to have an employee like Wahid to serve the war-fighter mission as well as work as a Site Lead for me. Wahid has a meek personality and communicates extremely well with every level of employee as well as management. I have tremendous respect and admiration for Wahid and would truly enjoy the opportunity to work with him again in the future.” January 8, 2008

Brad McNeilly-Anta (client)
Brad hired you as a IT Consultant in 1997 {1}

“Wahid came highly recommended to our company, with the reputation of having great inter-personal skills and the technical competence to move our project to the next level. Wahid did everything and more to live up to that reputation. He understood his clients’ business and crafted their web portal to be a value-added tool to their day-to-day needs. He ensured that the routine maintenance was conducted in a manner that did not interfere with the user experience. He sought user feedback and incorporated recommendations into the portal in evolutionary steps. Most importantly, his on-the-ground leadership enabled me to focus on other areas of our business because I had confidence in Wahid’s successful management of this project. I would gladly hire Wahid for any future web portal or project management needs that I have in the future, and I gladly recommend Wahid to others.” January 7, 2008

Andre Couture, Deputy Country Manager, ITT (colleague)

“Wahid was by far one of the top level Senior Information System Engineers ITT had on the contract in support of the US military mission in the Middle East. Wahid’s high level of technical ability, leadership, and stellar work ethic made him a key player within ITT and he was called upon regularly to fix high visibility outages throughout the area of responsibility. Wahid would be a huge asset to any Organization he works for.” June 5, 2009

William Gamble, Automated Data Processing Engineer Senior Technician, ITT (colleague)

“Wahid is one of the most knowledgeable and hard working people that I know. Wahid in my experience always been the person everybody goes to for help. He is always willing to give knowledge and to training people around him, while keeping everyone informed of the ongoing work. He has a strive to be the best in his field but release that being the best you also have to work with the best. With that strive he motivates everyone around him to become the best in their field.” June 5, 2009

Robby Thomas, Voice Systems Engineer, ITT Systems (colleague)

“I have known Wahid since 2005 and worked with him on 2 occasions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Wahid is an excellent supervisor and IT engineer with a treasure chest of skills and proven ideas to bring to an organization. – Practices time management skills that will keep a team on track – Uses automation to reduce manual processes and improve efficiency – Problem solver that thoroughly observes operations and implements ideas to build on a teams strong points and overcomes weaknesses – Understands people and what motivates them to perform and stay focused – Leverages his technical and operational experience to provide solutions with a strategic focus – Uses a participative leadership approach to reinforces team cohesion” June 5, 2009

Kathy O’Connor, Sr. Network Administrator, ITT Systems (colleague)

“Wahid’s value as an employee extends far beyond his technical abilities. His uniqueness is attributed to his natural ability to lead and mentor those around him. He leads by example, not by an assertive presence. Wahid came to our site to work on a virtual server upgrade. While there, he listened to our team, helped us identify core issues, and guided us towards positive resolutions. Despite the short project deadline, he took the time to make sure we understood the resolutions before we made any changes. Wahid does everything with a purpose and the intention of making a difference, and motivates those around him to do the same. Wahid’s positive attitude and influence combined with his technical abilities makes him a strong asset to any organization. Any team would be lucky to have him.” June 7, 2009

Anthony Dukes, Infomation Systems Engineer (SME), ITT (colleague)

“Wahid has been my mentor and coach during his time spent as the RNOSC Sr. ISE in Iraq. Through this mentoring he help me develop and progress my project managament and overall leardship skills. His unique ability of communicating up and down the corporate ladder with ease and efficiency separates him for other project leads. His attention to detail, professionalism, and business development has enabled ITT and our team to be successful. Wahid’s infectious upbeat manner builds loyalty not only with his team but also with outside organizations and the supported customers. “Thanks Wahid”” June 17, 2009

Adam McCalla, Senior Exchange Systems Engineer - ITT Systems International (colleague)

“As a remote administrator of a distant site, Wahid had to work nearly autonomously with little to no supervision, while still adhereing to theater (enterprise) constraints. The manner in which Wahid operated and communicated the wishes of his user base (Generals) to the rest of the theater was with the highest respect, technically proficient and accurate, and with a style reminiscent of a smooth consultant. His skillset was an asset that is still missed to this day.” January 6, 2008